There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby!

If you did a search for “The Reading Womb” you may have stumbled upon this MAD TV video.

This animated caricature of infants in the womb being taught to “talk before they come out” is a hilarious exaggeration of a current trend to “educate” babies in the womb. A product called the Baby Plus Prenatal Education System, for instance, claims to produce children who “consistently demonstrate very strong fine and gross motor skills, early milestones, and long attention spans.”

The product literature also suggests that babies given the Baby Plus “curriculum” will be born smarter, will start speaking earlier, and will be intellectually superior to their baby peers. The system involves piping progressively more complicated beats into the womb through small speakers, all with the goal of educating the baby in utero. The wacky MAD TV video doesn’t seem too off base now, does it?

The genuine and pure experience of regularly reading to your baby before she’s born is completely unlike the undertaking of a “prenatal education system.” It’s not about achievement; it is about bonding and establishing a cozy lifetime routine for you and your little one. Your baby will hear the rhythm of your voice as you read a story, and this will become the foundation of a sacred family ritual once she’s born. It’s so perfectly simple: you and your baby sharing time together, communicating in a loving, gentle, and natural way.

The added benefits to the child’s cognitive growth and language development are a bonus to the wonderful feeling you will have as you share these cherished moments with your child, both before and after birth. And hey, if your baby does come out talking, she’s bound to say, “Thank you!”

3 thoughts on “There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby!”

  1. This is extremely interesting. There is so much proof that reading to your baby in the womb will produce positive results. I am sure that this idea is really going to catch on now that there is so much research to support it.


  2. I have a 4 week old daughter, and we have tried so many things to help her go to sleep, stay asleep, or even just calm the crying jags. We have a Sleep Sounds lamb, but it only works when she’s in her carseat for some reason.

    I downloaded this yesterday and put it on both iPods and my phone just to be safe. Sure enough, she took two naps in her pack n play with this playing – which is a feat since she’s the type that always wants to be held.

    Then this morning she was cranky and fussy for over an hour when I rememberedI had put it on my phone. Not even a minute after I played the track she was asleep.

    This is most definitely the best 89 cents I’ve ever spent, and is especially great if you don’t have or can’t afford a white noise machine of some sort. I don’t find it annoying either, unlike some of the sounds from the other things I have. Definitely recommend!!


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