The Belly Books Buzz

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Cottage Door Press Announces an Addition to the Family!

The Belly Books collection, the first board books to read to the baby before birth, has found a new home (and what a cozy and colorful one it is!) at Cottage Door Press.

A brand-new, beautifully illustrated edition of Can’t Wait to Show You is joined by the next title in the collection, Hey, Little Baby, specially created for big sisters- and brothers-to-be to read to the expected baby.


Co-authors Susan Lupone Stonis and Jacqueline Boyle could not imagine a more perfect partner to bring their innovative book collection to families all over the world. Cottage Door Press, voted by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the fastest-growing independent publishers of 2017, is entirely devoted to early literacy, producing a vast array of gorgeous little board books for babies from birth (and now even before birth!) to three years. Check out their fabulous Stories from the Cottage blog!

Upcoming Belly Books will be specially designed for Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, parents expecting twins, the pregnant knitter . . . and the list will go on and on.



Thumbs-Up for Belly Books from Sue Morris of KidLit Reviews

“The love of reading is acquired best when started early. Reading to your child in the womb is the best start, as long as reading to your child continues through the years. The beauty of the words and illustrations make Can’t Wait to Show You the perfect baby shower gift. It would also be a unique gift as unique as the poem inside the pages.

Can’t Wait to Show You is not a novelty book. Nor is it just for mothers. Fathers can and should read to their baby; getting to know the one person who will wrap him around their finger for a lifetime. Can’t Wait to Show You is destined to become a family favorite that lasts many years, and then becomes a cherished heirloom passed down to succeeding generations.” Read the whole article!


Raves from Emma Bing

“I love the arch shape of the Belly Book and how it fits on your pregnant belly! So innovative! Belly Books the cutest sweetest thing ever! It’s shaped like your growing belly!!!” Visit Emma Bing on Twitter!


Mother’s Day Book Club Pick from Mom Trends

Mom Trends included Can’t Wait to Show You in their list of “remarkable titles” saying it is a “belly book specifically designed to fit around a mom’s growing tummy. With rhythmic words and a repetitive storyline, the unborn baby can become accustomed to mom’s voice while absorbing language while in utero. After the baby is born, mom and infant can bond over the eye-catching colors and soothing words. This board book would also make a perfect shower gift.” See the entire list


Reviewed and recommended by The Education Cafe

“This colorful, rhyming board book is creatively shaped to fit over an expecting mother’s expanding belly. Now that I am a new grandma, I can encourage my children to begin reading to my grandchildren before their arrival into the world. I enjoyed reading this book and can imagine the joy a mom and dad can experience introducing the book to their child after the baby is born as well. What a fun book for an older sibling to see as he/she sits next to mom while the story is being read to the brother or sister in the belly.” Read the post here.


Love from Gina at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

“The story is sweet and simple, sharing all the things that the Mom-to-be can’t wait to experience with her little one. It helps to verbalize the love she feels for them now and will continue to show upon their arrival. The illustrations allow adult readers the chance to “ooh” and “aah” over their cuteness while the colorful palette used will enchant the eyes of wee ones once they get a hold of it. Recommended for all mothers and mothers-to-be in your life and it’s the perfect baby shower gift.” Read the full article!


Misadventures in Mommyhood is diggin’ it!

Award-winning mommy blogger and lifestyle expert Kristin Quinn included Can’t Wait to Show You in her latest “Things I’m Diggin'” roundup post. “This adorable book,” Kristin says, “molds to your pregnant belly as you read it to your unborn child. Bonus: cute baby shower gift topper idea. Made in the USA!” Read the post here and make sure you explore all of her fabulous blog.


South Shore Living Magazine features “A Book for the Baby Bump”

“Cleverly designed to rest against the gentle curve of a pregnant woman’s belly, Can’t Wait to Show You is intended to be read aloud before and after birth, to enhance a baby’s language development. Parents (both moms and dads) can read together and enjoy the anticipation of the arrival of their new baby. . . .”